Alchemy LP - Elektra 1980
Field of Fire LP - Mistlur Records 1985
CD - Grand Slamm Records 1986
Real Time LP - Celluloid Records 1987
CD - Grand Slamm Records 1992
The Cover Doesn't Matter CD - Upsetter Music 2000
Field of Fire Deluxe DCD - Parasol 2006
The Radiant Monkey CD - Parasol 2007
The Jamie Neverts Story CD - Parasol 2009
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Blue and Grey / Pretend

Single, Elektra, 1980

Get Off My Cloud / Connection Single
Ice Water Music, 1981
Field of Fire / Won't Give Her Up Single - Sweden
Mistlur Records 1985
Keep on Dancin' 12" Single - Sweden
Dance Remix / Radio Mix
Mistlur Records 1985

With Television:
Marquee Moon 1977, Elektra
Adventure 1978, Elektra
Television 1992, Capitol
The Blow Up 1982, ROIR, 1992 Capitol
Live at The Academy 1992 2003, CD only, Ohoo Music (USA)
Live at The Old Waldorf 2003, Rhino Handmade, RHM2 7846

With Rocket from the Tombs:
Rocket Redux 2004, Smog Veil/Morphius

With Bibi Farber:
Firepop 1977, Glowtime

With Matthew Sweet:

Earth 1990, A&M
Girlfriend 1991, Zoo
Altered Beast 1993, Zoo
Son of Altered Beast 1994, Zoo
100% Fun 1995, Zoo
Time Capsule: The Best of Matthew Sweet 2000, Volcano

With Stephen Eicher:
Carcassone 1993, Barclay

On Compilation albums:
Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye
A Tribute To Rocky Erickson
1990, Barclay

10 ROIR Years

1990, ROIR

New York Rockers

1991, ROIR

Great New York Singles 1992, ROIR
Saturday Morning - Cartoon's Greatest Hits 1995, MCA
Poptopia! - Power Pop Classics of the 90s 1997, Rhino
This Note's For You Too!
A Tribute to Neil Young
1999, Inbetween Records

Other Appearances:

Walter Stedding: Red Star Records

1981, Red Star

Chris Stamey: It's Alright 1987, A&M / Coyote
Michael Callen: Purple Heart 1988, Significant Other
Imperiet: Tiggarens Tal 1988, Mistlur
John Doe: Meet John Doe 1990, Geffen
Pierce Turner: It's Only A Long Way Across 1990, Beggars Banquet / RCA
Rage To Live: Blame The Victims 1990, Bar/None
Health & Happiness Show: Instant Living 1995, Bar/None