Watch Yourself
Losin Anna
Soldier Blue
Keep On Dancin
Loving Man
Black to White
Field of Fire

This record has a very interesting beginning. In 1984 my friend Keith Patchel went to Sweden for a change of air, and he asked to use my name to introduce himself and he wondered if I might like to go over and play some shows if he organized it. Because I thought he was going to use my name anyway I said sure, but I told him that I was recently sober and that I probably wouldn't be traveling till I got my earth feet.

Some time later I was sitting at home in the middle of the night wondering what to do with myself and if I should in fact stay in the music industry or become a mendicant. I wrote down a little prayer asking for guidance and the phone rang. Just like that. It was the overseas operator. She told me she had a friend of mine on the line. It was Keith, in Sweden. He said, "there's a fellow here who runs the largest independent record company in Sweden and who would like you to make a record for him. Can you come over? He's coming to New York in a couple of weeks and would like to meet you." I said maybe.

The fellow, whose name was Peter Yngen, did come, met with me, and in fact did offer me a deal. The fact that you're looking at the picture tells you that I did make the record. He had a very nice studio in Stockholm with a Neve board, and he had a little apartment which he lent to me while I was there. As I hadn't recorded in a couple of years, there was a lot of energy in me dying to get out. The record has some blues rock overtones, and is much harder than was Alchemy. I have seen comments that the record sounds a little like Bruce Springstein, but I really wasn't following his career at all then, and I didn't know what he was up to. I guess we were both just doing a bit of shouting. But when I got back to the states and heard Born in the USA I knew I was done for. The record has some pretty good guitar sounds on it, and the title track with a 6 minute guitar solo cut live through a Vox Tone Bender.