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Field of Fire

When I got back the United States after spending about a year in Sweden, I did a bunch of dates to support Field of Fire. We did in 18 City tour of the East and Southeast and some dates on the West Coast.

Field of Fire was supposed to come out in the United States on A&M records, but the deal fell through and it ended up on Celluloid records. Celluloid had done pretty well with the Golden Paliminos, and they wanted two records. Unfortunately, they were notoriously tight with money, and we didn't have a budget for a studio album. For this reason we decided to do a live record.

We thought it would be a nice idea to record it at CBGB's, and we hired Steve Katz as the producer, because he had produced Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Animal. Although CBGBs is a wonderful place to play live, and although some people like the clarity of the recording on Real Time, it is the least favorite of my records. The hilarious thing is that it's the easiest one to get. One interesting story that Steve told me was that the audience sounds on Rock and Roll Animal didn't sound right, so they captured the sounds of the audience from a Peter Frampton concert in Japan and used that.

On Real Time the audience sounds are authentic, but we took the 2 in. tapes to a studio in White Plains , and re-fed some of the guitars into different amps. Steve had taken both amplified sounds and the guitars direct as well. He also used about 14 microphones on the drums. In hindsight, I would've used three microphones on the drums, a couple for the guitars and vocals, and that would have been that.