Official Release Date: September 1, 2009


Purple Haze
Ain't No Telling
Spanish Castle Magic
I Don't Live Today
May This Be Love
Little Miss Lover
Wait Until Tomorrow
Castles Made of Sand
Bold As Love
Are You Experienced?

The new Richard Lloyd album, The Jaime Neverts Story, is released by Parasol Records on September 1st, 2009.

The Jamie Neverts Story is Richard's long-awaited collection of Jimi Hendrix covers recorded in early 2008. As much a homage to Jimi as it is to Lloyd's and Hendrix's mutual friend Velvert Turner (R.I.P.), the involved story behind this release touches on punches thrown, tears shed and three men whose guitar alchemy has shaped and continues to shape rock music ever since. The tale outlined in the liner notes is integral to understanding the album.

For recording Richard was joined by bassist Keith Hartel and longtime Lloyd session drummer Chris Purdy, with a special guest appearance by Television drummer Billy Ficca.

To capture the special essence of Jimi Hendrix's playing Richard had to lay down some ground rules; simply put and in his own words: "No more than three guitars on any track. No effects pedals, no fuzz box, no Octavia, no Wahwah pedal, no feedback, nothing backwards. Just Stratocaster guitars into Supro and Magnatone amplifiers."

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