Lately I have been doing more production work, working with various bands as a producer and engineer. Since I was always the one asking the producers and engineers what buttons they were pushing, and what microphones and signal path they were recording with, I enjoy that side of things. And since I have been an artist, I also know how artists want to feel about working in the studio. I know that musicians want to feel comfortable with a producer; knowing that he is going to protect their material to get them to sound as good as possible but not try to change everything like arrangements, lyrics and musicians. Although I also have done production work in outside studios, most of these sound clips are recorded in my own studio in New York. When I am not on tour, I am available for production work and can be contacted through this web site. Enjoy.

(the tracks are avilable as Real streaming audio files, optimised for both dialup and broadband connections. If you need a Real Audio Player you can download one for free from

Rocket From The Tombs 

What Love Is Dialup Broadband
Down In Flames Dialup Broadband

Cheetah Chrome e-mailed me a couple of years ago and said that they were having an RFTT reunion and asked me if I would like to participate; I said yes. Then I wondered what RFTT was. I didn't connect it to Rocket From The Tombs. I thought it was some kind of Dead Boys offshoot. I only said yes because I wanted to work with Cheetah no matter what it was. Then one I found out that it was the original Rocket from the Tombs I was really very excited, because they had opened for Television in 1975 and then immediately broken up. I remember at the time thinking about terrific they were - a combination of freaky glam MC5 and Alice Cooper musically and Nietzsche meets midwestern teenage angst lyrics. So RFTT did one show in Los Angeles. It went so well that we did eleven others a couple of months later.

Towards the end of that tour we did a live radio broadcast which was recorded. We were planning to tour again and we thought we could sell the live CD as a merchandise item. But when I heard the radio station CD I told the band that it would be easy to get better sounding recordings at my place in New York, and that I would be happy to produce them. So everybody arranged to stay in my place and we recorded the live set, which became Rocket Redux. These are two songs from that CD. It is commercially available on Smog Veil records. You can also get it on i-Tunes.
This is Cheetah Chrome's web site, where you can find out what Cheetah is up to when he is not with RFTT.
This is David Thomas' web site, where you can find out all kinds of information about his various projects, like Pere Ubu and David Thomas and the Two Pale Boys, as well as information about RFTT
This is the web site for the record company, who also put out lots of other bands, especially modern punk music.


Amy Airplane Dialup Broadband
Tired Of It Dialup Broadband

This is a band from Toronto. They got in touch with me through e-mail, we talked over the phone about what they were looking for and they flew into NY to do 6 songs for an EP.  Kind of glam Bowie/Petty, but with a clever edge of their own.
Their website is here:


I Fought For You Dialup Broadband
Doesn't Make It Right Now Does It Dialup Broadband

This is a band from Dallas that also got in touch through the Internet. We have a full album in the can that they are shopping around.  I think they are kind of a cross between Squeeze vocals and a Replacements rhythm section.
Nope website:

Miss Mother 

Pretty Flowers Dialup Broadband

I only did one song with them, which is half of a vinyl single they are releasing.  They have some great late 60s style garage tunes.  My fav is called "Drooling about Jesus," but they wanted to release "Pretty Flowers" first.  Hear it here.
Miss Mother website:


You Go It Dialup Broadband
Special Dialup Broadband
Soft Texas Dialup Broadband

The asked me to listen to some recordings they had been working on.  I told them that we could get better recordings of them at my place, and we ended up making a whole record.  They have an unusual sound, with two lead singers who often sing together, and distorted keyboards that go through a guitar amp.  Sadly, one of the singers completely lost his voice and couldn't even speak for months, and the band went on hiatus.  So their website is down right now.  But the record stands up. You can probably find it at some of the online record merchants.